• Do we keep things on schedule?  Yes, it's part of our job to make sure everything that needs to happen, happens and that the photographers and videographer are there for the big moments.

  • Do we offer a written contract?  Yes, a contract shows what both sides are expecting from each other and is very helpful in making sure that everything goes according to the plan.

  • How many weddings do you DJ every year?  Usually between 30 and 40.

  • Do we meet in person before signing the contract?  Yes, we want to meet you and get to know a little bit about you, so we can customize our services to meet your specific needs.  This is much harder to do, if we never meet in person.

  • What makes you different from your competitors?  Where to begin... We send a man and woman team, because without both, little things can easily be missed.  Let's face it, girls notice things that guys just don't.  Our DJs all have backgrounds in dancing and are able to read the dance floor in ways others can't.  Our focus on clean/family friendly music makes for a great environment that won't offend your guest.

  • Can we come visit you at a performance?  Usually no, because that would mean that we would feel okay inviting someone to come visit your wedding and pull our focus off of the important job we have.  If you wanted to see a DJ perform at a non-wedding event, that is possible.

  • May we speak to your references?  Yes, we have many people who would be willing to talk to you about their experiences working with us.  Just ask us for a list.  Also check out our testimonials.

  • How involved will we be in selecting the music for our wedding?  We open that up to your preference.  You can select anywhere from 10 songs to the whole list, if you'd like.  When we meet with you, get you setup to give us whatever input you would like, into the playlist.

  • Do you take request from guest?  One of our main jobs is fielding requests.  If the request fits the mood of the evening and your music preferences, yes.  If it doesn't fit with what we believe you would like, no.  We can always be told not to take requests and stick with that all night, if needed.  Everyone has a crazy uncle who makes terrible requests, we make sure to make him feel important while not playing his request.

  • Do you bring backup equipment with you to the wedding?  Yes, we don't want a spilled glass of water to shut down the music for the night.

  • Do you have a wireless microphone? Yes, we bring two handheld microphones standard and a mic stand, lapel or headset mic upon request.

  • Will you travel to our wedding?  Yes, with our standard package we will travel to most locations in Michigan, with no additional charge. 

  • Do you have any wedding professionals you like working with?  Yes;
    Photographers: Ignited Photography, LUMI PhotographyMcKindles PhotographyEmily G. Photography, Lois Pierpont
    Venues: Howell Opera HouseSt. Mary's Cultural Center, The Henry Ford Museum
    Planners: Festoons and Flourishes
    Hair and Makeup: Kelly Daniels at Salon Silhouettes